Torinn Viking Brooch

Torinn Viking Brooch

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The historical model for this beautiful Viking jewelery was found in Cambridgeshire in England. Brooches of this type are, however, also known from other Viking Age sites.

Only five such finds of these are known from Birka in Sweden, three from Denmark and even one from Saxony-Anhalt in Germany.

Diameter is 3.5 cm. The size corresponds to the historical model. Material: bronze.

The Viking jewelry has a solid needle of approx. 1 mm thickness on the back, which is used to attach the brooch to the garment, preferably to close the neck.

The Jelling style developed in the second half of the 900s at the Danish royal court in Jelling (Jutland). The hallmarks of the Jelling style are ribbon and S-shaped animal figures.