Riding Skirts

Riding skirts for every season! Our popular full circle riding skirts in wool are suited for horseback riding in all gaits, designed and tested in Norwegian conditions and will keep you warm and dry, all year round. The Klesarven riding skirts are easy to keep clean, has an adjustable waist and a practical pattern with a split and extra space in the front so you can easily mount, walk/run and walk up stairs. All sizes are in stock! Choose a original Klesarven riding skirt for long lasting quality and comfort for both you and your horse. Our skirts has been tesed in walk, trot, tolt, canter, gallop, piaffe, passage, and are designed to stay in place in blizzards, heavy wind and harsh weather.
The Klesarven riding skirts can easily be put on or taken off while you’re in the saddle! They are well suited for keeping the horse comfy during warm up and cooling down as an option to an exercise sheet. Our riding skirts are practical, elegant and timeless – made for equestrians by equestrians.