About Klesarven

About us

The story of Klesarven started when Lene Lorentzen launched the online store in May 2015, that time with a limited selection of Viking clothes imported from abroad. Klesarven AS was created in 2019 where founder Lene Lorentzen and Matilde Brandt teamed up to take the adventure to new heights, after collaborating on a smaller scale since 2017.

Lene Lorentzen is the managing director of Klesarven, and is an art and culture clothing designer who has worked with visual merchandising and cultural history archives for a number of years. Lene lives today on idyllic Nesodden with her family, where the design dream has now become a reality.

Matilde Brandt is marketing manager in Klesarven and has a background from digital marketing agencies. She lives in Oslo, is passionate about creative use of social media and has two horses of her own; Batman and Iver. Matilde does historical reenactment fighting, living history and photography and spends the summer seasons in Viking markets around Scandinavia.

Norwegian design

Norwegian nature, culture and history are important in our work in Klesarven. Our passion for historical, beautiful clothing inspired by the Viking Age, combined with our love for horses and modern ethical production is the foundation of our brand.

We are constantly working to develop according to the customer's needs, and we are so grateful for all the feedback and commitment from customers and friends.

Today, Klesarven carries both international brands and its own designs, but the imports are steadily declining. The clothes have different degrees of authenticity, and carry a wide range with something for "everyone". We have clothing and accessories of all sizes, both beginners and enthusiasts, as well as a completely separate collection of riding clothes.

Timeless design

Our timeless garments are the link between the past and the present and have their natural place with modern adventurers. The garments are resistant to short-term trends and can be used both for everyday and for the many adventurous festivals and events related to the Middle Ages and the Viking Age.

Knowledge and production

Our very conscious customers buy from Klesarven because they know that we carry garments inspired by historical finds from the Viking Age while also valuing modern fit and our focus on natural materials.

It is with great pride that we design in Norway. We produce with the female entrepreneurs in ByCalvina in Turkey and with the Norwegian company Fair & Square, based in China, with great emphasis on ethical production and good working conditions. We want to contribute to a more just and sustainable textile production.

Pride is nourished by the fact that our customers value our collections and it is our drive to make you happy, and we share more than just our expertise and knowledge!

Quality that lasts

We want to offer our customers the absolute best clothes in different price ranges. The most affordable alternative is 100% organic colored cotton, then 100% linen variants and a variety wool blends. Within the next few years we will switch to 100% linen & 100% wool in all our garments, we are currently working on producing our very own wool fabrics for our next generation riding skirts.

The unique durability is why Klesarven can offer the market's longest warranty on some garments. Then it may not be so strange that Matilde riding skirt is our best-selling product. You have it troughout your life and customers wears their skirts both for everyday use, horseback adventures and parties.


A perfect fit that makes you feel great

Klesarven has always been concerned that the clothes will suit everyone who wants to dress in historically inspired clothes. It should fit the occasion, how to wear clothes, to the wallet, but not least, to both body and soul. The clothes should sit well, which means a good fit for all ladies of all shapes. We carry sizes in XS - XXXL, and our design is tailored to all bodies.

Klesarven around the world

Clothing Heritage became a worldwide brand when we launched Matilde riding skirt, which is an important part of our international success. It was designed after a first meeting with Matilde Brandt who needed a wool skirt when she was always frozen in the stable and on a horse!

The equestrian collection, which now consists of different types of riding skirts, gowns and dresses, as well as an ever-growing part of the Viking collection, is sent to customers all over the world. Our fabulous customers share their everyday adventures and stories through Instagram, and we love to see the skirts in use in all kinds of weather! The dress skirts are worn by women all over the world, and we have riders in the dress skirts in many countries, including Australia, USA, New Zealand and Svalbard!