Textile Waterproofing
Textile Waterproofing
Textile Waterproofing
Textile Waterproofing

Textile Waterproofing

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Do you wear your riding skirt for many hours in pouring rain? Then you can easily waterproof it. Untreated, our skirts keep you dry for quite a long time, but eventually the wool will get wet. They are water repellent, but not water proof. By spraying it with Textile Waterproofing, it becomes completely waterproof.

  • Waterproofs woolen riding skirts and capes 
  • Maintains the material’s breathability
  • Biobased, readily biodegradable, and PFAS-free
  • Eco-labelled with OEKOTEX Eco Passport and USDA Certified Biobased Product


Waterproofing spray to restore or improve the water repellence on all sport and outdoor garments in polyester, polyamide, cottons, wool, or blends, such as rainwear, skiwear, softshells, hiking pants, overcoats, workpants, and textile gloves. Also applicable on items like tents, backpacks, boat canopies, horse blankets, stroller fabrics, cushions and other outdoor textiles. Compatible with all membranes like Gore-Tex® or SympaTex®. Maintains garment breathability, colour, and feel.


This product is based on nature’s own chemistry. It is free from fluorocarbons (PFC/PFAS), fossil-based polymers, or synthetic waxes. Just biobased and readily biodegradable according to OECD 301F.

Contents: Water, natural fatty acids, and surfactants.

How to use

1) Make sure the garment is clean and dry.
2) Place the garment on a well-protected work surface. Spray from 20 cm, making sure the fabric gets evenly wet. Repeat after 1 minute if dry areas are visible.
3) Remove excess product by rubbing with a dry cloth or sponge, leaving no traces.
4) Let air-dry for at least 24 hours.