Lyra Viking Beads

Lyra Viking Beads

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This beadrow is used to accessorize the viking dress. 

This lovely brown and yellow-toned row of beads includes bronze S-hooks. 

Row total length: 22 cm. Beads: Tiger's eye and yellow Onyx.

Material: Lanula is an ancient Slavic and Viking amulet.  Made of Zinc Alloy. It symbolizes happiness and female fertility. Lanula was used to connect women's energy to the lunar cycle.

It can be attached to the turtle brooches in many different ways.

1. Can be attached to the cturtle brooches with S hooks that are included. Tyra, Sigrid, Frøydis, Bjørg and Dagny have a hole on the back of the brooch where the S-hook can be attached. Torill does not have this, attach to the needle or in a bead spreader.

2. You can use a bead row holder/spreader that is attached to the turtle brooches. You needs 2 pcs. extra S-hooks. The S-hooks are flexible. When you have attached them the way you want, squeeze them together so that everything hangs firmly. The S-hooks can be opened and closed.

3. You may also use a simple thread.