Viking Glass Beads, Nr. 15

Viking Glass Beads, Nr. 15

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This row of beads contains a random selection of replica Viking pearls in glass. One of a kind! Only 1 pc. in stock. Each glass bead row is unique.

All are hand-painted and ordinary glass beads. All beads are based on finds from the Viking Trade Center in Birka, Sweden.

The sizes vary from 7 mm to 30 mm (0.25 - 1.2 inches).
Hole sizes range from 1 mm to 7 mm (0.04 - 0.25 inches).

You can easily add more beads or change the pattern by using a new thread / string.

These bead rows are mainly used together with the apron viking dress, where it is attached to each turtle brooch. Or to a bead row holder attached to the turtle brooches.