Viking Braids, book 2

Viking Braids, book 2

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Do you enjoy braiding? And do you have a thing for the Viking Age?

Learn how to make these beautiful and popular viking braids. How about a snake braid, a shield maiden’s braid or a viking chief’s braid? Get inspired by the variety of braiding recipes in this book. Create your very own viking look. This book offers easy-to-follow instructions and gives you lots of recipes and step by step guidance.

Featuring recipes of several difficulty levels, with estimated braiding times from 5 to 45 minutes. In addition, this book provides you with bonus information, tips and useful braiding advice. Learn how to use a wave curling iron, copper thread, linen thread and more.

Annette Collin is an educated hairstylist who finds inspiration for her hairstyles in books and movies about vikings. Learn her braiding techniques with this book. Follow her on Instagram @viking_mood for beautiful pictures!