Gry Viking Beads

Gry Viking Beads

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These rows  are used as decoration on the viking apron dress and are inspired by beads that Viking women used.

This lovely blue/green/rust toned variation has 2 rows of pearls. S-hooks are NOT included in the set. The color variant matches all of our apron dresses.

Row 1: 29 cm. Row 2: 39 cm

It can be attached in several ways.

1. Can be attached to the turtle brooches with S hooks, Either 2 or 4. Tyra, Sigrid, Bjørg and Dagny have their own hole at the back where the S-hook can be attached. Torill  do not have this, and here the hook must be attached to the needle.

2. You can use a bead row holder/spreader that is attached to the turtle brooches. You hang on the needle at the back or together with an s-hook.  The S-hooks are flexible. When you have attached them the way you want, squeeze them together so that everything hangs firmly. The S-hooks can be opened and closed. You can also fasten most things with your own thread.