Beautiful medieval cloak that together with our riding skirts prepare you for adventures with or without your horse. The cloak is warm, beautiful and practical, especially on horseback as it provides plenty of space for movement.
The cloak can be closed with a string in front, or it can rest on your shoulders. One of our many brooches can also be used, but when riding you mighty want to consider your safety and tie a quick release knot to avoid getting stuck.
The cloak has a round, classic hood and is made in 100% recycled wool, which is a great environmentally friendly alternative! Recycled wool is thoroughly quality controlled throughout the process. This saves energy and water which is needed to produce non-recycled wool. The process also eliminate the use of chemicals. Tightly woven wool fabrics are naturally water resistant, but not waterproof in heavy rain.
If you want a waterproof garment, you can purchase special textile sprays and easily apply it to this cloak

The cloak measures 1 meter/ 39,4 inches from neck and down.