Used as an accessory to trousers, the Vikings would wrap cloth bands around their shins as a form of gaiters, thus getting an extra layer to insulate against cold and wet conditions while simultaneously protecting the lower trouser legs from wear and tear.

The wraps was secured to the leg either by tucking in the ends or using a pair of brooches or hooks.

Klesarven have tested these leg-wraps in deep snow for four hours. The wraps stayed on and the trousers was still dry afterwards. They work really well!

Designed by Klesarven and cut from wool in a herringbone twill, a classic Viking age cloth pattern.

Sold as a pair.  Blue color. 
Measurements are 380 cm x 10 cm.

The fibulas are not included.

Herringbone woven wool blend (50% wool, 40% polyacryl, 10% polyester)