Underdress guide

We have many different underdresses, also called sark and viking dresses.

Our dresses can be found in either 100% cotton or 100% linen.

The cotton dresses are all made of canvas fabric and dyed organically. Remember that the cotton dresses shrink after washing. Only in length, not width.

Linen dresses comes in different variations in fabric thickness. A thinner and a denser fabric variant. But all are pre-washed and they do not shrink.

The linen dress Dagny has the thinnest and lightest linen quality. Delicious and light for hot summer days. You should wear a apron dress over it as it can become transparent.

The linen dresses Lagertha, Snøfrid, Gudny and Gerd all have the same quality of linen in a medium thick linen that is not transparent. About 250 grams and fits wonderfully. This is used as a everyday dress itself or together with our apron dresses.

The underdresses are designed according to 2 different patterns:

Sark with wedges; Our link dresses Lagertha and Snøfrid are designed according to the Vikings' use of pattern construction. It has small square wedges under the sleeves to create more room for movement than those with round sleeves. They also have 2 - 4 wedges on the sides and front + back. Particularly suitable for broad shoulders and those who use it for a lot of movement. 

Sark with round-cut sleeve shape: Sark with the same "modern" pattern formation that is used today. Sark with round-cut sleeves have also been found in the viking age according to finds. This fits tighter around the sleeves and shoulder and gives a nice fit. Gudny, Gerd, Frøya, Elisa, Solveig and Dagny are all sarks with a round-cut sleeve shape.

The dresses come in 2 different necklines.

Round neck and split neck opening. 

Some people like the dress with a round neck and some people like it with a split neck. Many people choose it with a split neck as it is great to be able to put on brooches, but this is also just as nice to do with dresses that have a round neckline. It depends on how much you want to show off as well. With a round neck opening, the neckline is smaller.

Round neck: Elisa and Gerd

Split neck: Dagny, Solveig, Gudny, Lagertha, Snøfrid and Frøya.