Apron dress guide

To complete the historical outfit, most people want a beautiful dress in colors that complete the underdress.

We have 3 different varieties of apron dresses. 

The Apron dress Anna in 40% wool is our absolute best seller. It is form sewn over the bust and it has lacing at the back so you get a perfect fit. The dress is not open at the sides like Gyda. With a large width in the skirt part, it is easy to move.

The Apron dress Draum ia a new apron dress, Klesarven design. It is woven in 80% wool and comes in diamond-twill fabric in 3 colors: red, blue and green. The dress is closed and is inspired by details in the Køstrup dress. It has an elastic back and is not as tight fittet as Anna which can be laced up. Here it is planned that you use a belt to give it more shape. But it is also beautiful without a belt and can hang loose. You also have  room for a few extra kilos underneath. 😁 It can easily be taken off and on alone, unlike Anna where you need help with the lacing at the back.

The Apron dress Frigg is also new, Klesarven design. It is both an everyday and party dress made of diamond twill woven 80% wool. A beautiful woven pattern widely used in the Viking Age. Comes in 3 colors; red, blue and green. It is reminiscent of Gyda as it is open in the sides from the waist down but it has no lacing in the sides and is based on finds from the Viking Age.