Embrace our beautiful shawl in Evergreen color and 100%  Cashmere.

Hand woven by local and experienced craftsmen. Our shawls are available in different colors and are suitable for both women and men.

The shawl is 92 x 203 cm.  The cashmere makes the product more luxurious and versatile. The shawl is crafted with ultra-soft materials and can be styled for several events. Wrap them around your shoulders for a wedding, wear one as a winter scarf, or style them as a part of your viking outfit. Thanks to their classic design and luxurious feel, this shawl can be dressed up or down.  

An exclusive garment also requires special treatment. Most clothes in cashmere and merino wool is pilling, and this is perfectly normal. This is unavoidable and has virtually nothing to do with quality. Pilling should decrease after the first few times with washing. Lay the garment flat and with a light hand, brush with a cashmere comb or remove the knots by hand. Many people also think that you can put the garment in the freezer overnight after a round with a clothes roll. The cold causes the fibers to contract and laugh less. Remember to put the garment in a bag to avoid hair in the freezer!  Wash it cold and they will stay more pilling-free. Lay them flat to dry.