Beautiful replicas of a Viking age turtle brooch From Morberg in Buskerud, Norway, now displayed in the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo.

This brooch is an iconic example of the Jelling style artform that was popular in 10th century Scandinavia.
This kind of oval brooches begin to appear as early as the 8th century and is used in various design forms until the end of the 10th /beginning of the 11th century, and was a staple of Scandinavian womens dress throughout the period. Used for securing the shoulder straps on apron dresses to the front of the dress, around the chest/shoulder area.

These brooches are cast in one solid piece of bronze and measure 8,4 x 5,3 x 1,9cm, and comes with a pin in the back to fasten the straps for the apron dress and an eye to attach bead chains or a spreader to. 

Sold as a pair.  Handmade in solid silver plated bronze.